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Mirsini Studios are ideally located near Parasporos beach, 2.5 km from Parikia on the road towards the airport and Aliki road. Signs will direct you to Mirsini Studios which are situated about 500m. as the crow flies, from Parasporos beach, 1km from Aghia Irini and 2km from the watersports centre “Kite Surfing” in Pounda.
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Why Choose Us

2.5 km from Parikia
500m from Parasporos beach
1km from Aghia Irini
2km from the watersports centre "Kite Surfing"

More Highlights

Ancient Marble Quarries of Paros
To the east of the picturesque settlement of Marathi and 5 km southeast of Parikia, there are the ancient underground marbles of Paros. The mining of marble began from the Early Cycladic era (3200 BC – 2000 BC). From here was the famous Parian marble, the main source of wealth for Paros in all periods of history, used in architecture and mainly in slavery of classical times. The “pary bridge”, as it was known in the Parian marbles during antiquity, has been an important source of growth for the island since the 7th century BC. which began its systematic extraction and exploitation.
Lefkes Village
Lefkes is a picturesque mountain village in Paros that is famous for its traditional character. Lefkes had been the first capital of Paros which was built by immigrants from Crete and locals who were looking for protection against pirate attacks. It is built in an amphitheatre shape with many beautiful, neoclassic buildings, quirky little passages and charming ‘hidden’ cafés where you can enjoy the architecture. Lefkes is also known for its tavernas, such as taverna Klarinos, that specialise in delicious grilled meats.
Golden Beach
Paros has a long tradition as an island that is ideal for water sports. The Windsurfing World Championship was held for many years at the Golden Beach and still attracts lovers of the sport. Sports like surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing, kayaking and canoeing, kiteboarding, waterskiing, jetskiing, and scuba diving are available with certified trainers at beaches like Golden Beach, New Golden Beach and Santa Maria.
Archeological Museum of Paros
The Archeological Museum of Paros can be found behind Panagia Ekatontapyliani in Parikia. Its collections date from the Neolithic period to early Christianity. Even though this is not a big museum it includes some important exhibits, like the 6th century BC marble statue of Gorgon, the 490BC colossal worship statue of Artemis, and a neolithic figurine of a woman sitting with crossed legs with her hands under her chest.